test of structure

1.        A: there is something I have to tell you.
B: Go ahead. 1 (listen)    ______?  l will listen
2.        A: Hi Ann. (do you, meet)    _______meet  my  friend George Smith?  Do you meet
B: No, I (have, never) ___________________ the pleasure.
A: then let me introduce you.
3.        A: stop. What will you do ?
B: I (try)   _____________   to get this piece of toast out of the toaster. It’s stuck.   I am trying
4.        A: there’s jack.
B: where____________he now ?  Where does  he
A: He (lie)   ______________   on the grass under that tree over there.  
B: Oh, yes.  I (see) ________________    him.  He look,( certainly)   ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________
_______________    Comfortable. Let’s go talk to him.
5.        A: I (went)   ________________   to a play last night.
B:  (it, be)   __________________ good?  It was good
 A: I thought so. I  ( enjoyed)     _________     it a lot.
B: what (did you)   _________________see ? 
A: Arsenic and Old Lace
B: Oh, I (see)   _____________________   them  play too.
6.        A: I was in your hometown   last  month  It looked like a nice town .  I  (be, never ) 
___________________    there  before .
B:  what do  (you, do)   _______________ in that part of the country ?
7.        A:  may I borrow some money?  My check (be)    __________________  supposed to arrive
B: Yesterday, but I still (receive, not )  _______________________   it. I need
A: To buy a book for one of my classes, but I (have, not)  _________________________   any money
B: sure. I’d be happy to lend you some. How mach (you, need)  ___________________  ?
A: How about five dollars? Thanks. I (pay)   ________________   you back as soon
B: yes I (get)  ______________________  my check .
8.        A: Hello?
B: Hello. May I speak  to sue?
 A: She (be, not) ______________________   in right now. May I take a massage?
B: yes. This is Art O’ Brien. Would you please ask her to meet me at the library this   
      Afternoon?  I (sit) ____________________  at one of the study booths on the second floor.

9.        A: Alex, (you, know)  __________________________    where Ms. Rodriguez is ? I (look) ______ for her for the past hour.
B: She (see) _____________  Mr. Frost at the moment about the shipment of parts which we (receive)---------------    earlier  today.  Some of the parts are missing.
A: Uh, oh . That (sound ) __________________________   like trouble. Please tell Ms. Rodriguez to phone me when she (have) ___________  some free time . I (work) ___________  in my office all afternoon .


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