test of SMP

Panitia Pelaksana
Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SD/SMP DAN SMA Se-Madura
Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Bahasa Inggris
Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan
Periode 2011-2012
Sekretariat :Komplek PP.Miftahul Ulum Bettet Kampus Hijau UIM Pamekasan 69351 webside:uimadura.ac.id 

Tata Cara Dalam Mengerjakan Soal untuk SMP
1.      Tulislah nama,  nomer peserta anda pada lembar jawaban yang tersedia.
2.      Gunakan pensil 2 b untuk menjawab pada LJK (lembar Jawaban Komputer).
3.      Pilih salah satu jawaban diantara a, b, c,d dan e. yang paling benar.
4.      Jumlah soal seluruhnya 60 soal dengan skor maksimal 60.
5.      Tidak diperkenan kan menggunakan alat bantu hitung / kalkulator, hp, dan sejenisnya.


Structure Section

1.      it is better for me to use a computer rather  than type writer. But a computer is........ Than a type writer.
a.       Cheaper                             c. Cheapest
b.      More expensive                 d. Most expensive                               e. bed
2.      Susan:  where did you see the film two days ago?                            
Sonia:  I ......... it at cinema 11.
a.       am seeing                          c. Saw
b.      has seen                             d. Sees                                                 e. said
3.      The student may use any shoes with white stripes. They must wear real black..........
a.       one                                    c. Anyone
b.      Someone                           d. Ones                                                e. people
4.      The driver was driving the motorcicle when he................. The accident.
a.       See                                                c. saw
b.      Is seeing                            d. Has seen                                          e. look
5.      Young. Smart. Girl. The. White. Good noun phrase arrangement is...........
a.       The white smart young girl                                  
b.      The smart young white girl          
c.       The smart white young girl  
d.      The young smart white girl  
e.       white girl  The young smart
6.      The good arrangement is...................
a.       The bench wooden long interesting                     
b.      The bench interesting long wooden         
c.       The long interesting wooden bench  
d.      The long wooden interesting  bench
e.       wooden bench The long interesting
7.      The sun........ in the west everyday
a.       Sets                                                           c. Set
b.      Will set                                                      d. Setting                    e. did  set
8.      Teacher                        :.............................................?
Student                       : on foot
a.       Where do you go?             c. how  do you go ?
b.      When do you go?              d. do you go                                        e.  where did you go
9.      Father  : ................................................................?
Son      : three times a day
a.       How many times do you take bath?        
b.      Why do you take bath     
c.       Are you take bath three times      
d.      What time do you take bath
e.       take bath three times Are you

10.  When I was a child, I am used to .............for  a candy
a.       Cry                                    c. Cries
b.      Crying                               d. Is crying                                          e. care s
11.  Mother            : ratu, could you get me some salt, please?
Ratu                : Sure, mom here you are.
The underline expression means that...............
a.       Ratu take some salt for her mother
b.      Mothers want to have some salt
c.       Mothers hope ratu to get some salt
d.      Ratu request  her mothers to get some salt
e.       Mothers asks Ratu to get some salt
12.  Kadita                         : how do you like our uniform, sir?
Teacher            : Wonderful!........................
a.       really like it
b.      l am certain about it
c.       l was sorry about it
d.      l am bit disappointed 
e.       lam wondered about it
13.  Seanu              : it is cloudy. Do you thing it is going to rain?
Rahtu              : .................we are going to watch a football match, aren’t we?
a.       l hope not
b.      l don’t believe it
c.       l could not believe it
d.      l am not sure
e.       l don’t  think so
14.  perdana           : l haven’t read today’s newspaper.  Would  you mind lending me yours,
Prabu               : here you are 
The closest meaning for the underline expression is.................................
a.       pardana asks Prabu to lend him a newspaper
b.      Prabu wishes Pardana lend him a newspaper
c.       Pardana want prabu lend him a newspaper
d.      Prabu plants to lend him a newspaper
e.       Pardana wants to readd newspaper
15.  Setiawan         : l have never seen such a beautiful wedding ceremony.
Djhuhari          : .................... it was really great.
a.       l got it now
b.      l wouldn’t say that
c.       l was very satisfied
d.      l quite disagree
e.       aggree
16.  Those children ...................... by me
a.       Have punished                  c . Have been punished
b.      Has punished                    d. Has been punished              e. Was being hated
17.  I ........... by him
a.       Hate                                  c. Was hated
b.      Were hated                        d. Will hate                             e. Neither I do
18.  Irma ; sasa, did you watch idola cilik last night?
Sas: yes,I like kiki performance
Irma: ............he has nice smile also.
a.       I’m too                              c. I do so
b.      I didn’t either                    d. So do I                                e. Neither do I
19.  The doctor is in the hospital, and...........
a.       The nurse so is                   c. so is the nurse
b.      Is so the nurse                   d. Neither is the nurse             e. The nurse does either
20.  ..........and we didn’t  either 
a.       She never visited the old mosque                        
b.      She always visited the old mosque
c.       she visited the old mosque
d.      She not visited the old mosque  
e.       the old mosque she visited

21.  Mother only fried tofu and omelets ..........she didn’t  go to the market this morning
a.       Because                             c. because of
b.      Although                           d. And                                                 e. and than
22.  We ..............in Jakarta for twenty years
a.       Live                                   c. Have lived
b.      Are living                          d. Lived                                  e. life
23.  Rini ...........from school
a.       Returning                          c. Is return 
b.      Return                               d. Has just returned                e.  would returning
24.  I........... here for  two hours
a.       Am here                            c. Has been here
b.      Have been here                 d. Was here                             e. is here
25.  We don’t know the man................
a.       Where he come from         c. Who live at the house
b.      When he come                  d. Whose house that is            e.  that is Whose house

26.  This is not the shirt............ I bought yesterday
a.       Which                                c. Who
b.      Who’s                                d. Where                                 e.  whom
27.  This looks like the pen...............
a.       Where I bought it              c. When lost it
b.      Which I bough yesterday  d. Whom I show yesterday    e.  when l bough it

28.  The school ...........I study is near a bus station.
a.       Where                                c. Which 
b.      Who                                  d. Whom                                 e. when
29.  Mr. Abbas .................son is my classmate is manager in a big company
a.       who m                               c. who
b.      Who’s                                d. Which                                 e. when
30.  All the jackets in the shop are expensive, but the brown one is the..........
a.       As expensive as                 c. More expensive 
b.      Expensive                          d. Most expensive                   cheap

Part 11 Error Recognition
Indentify the one underline word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten.
31. The client’s criticize of his work made the secretary try harder.  
    A                     B                         C                                 D
32.  The board of directors must choose the most   economically plan for the company.
                                        A                                  B                   C                 D          E
33.  Applications   for the seminar on manager   techniques are due on   Friday.  
                        A                                               B                         C          D       E
      33.  It is Mr. Sloan’s responsibility to maintenance   all computer files on current   project.
                                                   A                       B                                C            D              E
      35. Ms. Chin is a partner in a national   known firm of marketing   consultants.
                                       A                   B                                    C                   D
      36.  The company doesn’t have enough   currency   to build a new   headquarters.
                           A                                 B           C                                                  D
      37.  Our investments   obtained more money this year than last year 
                             A             B                                          C             D           E
      38. The affect of the new manufacturing process on the environment is not known.
                           A                              B                                             C                        D
39. The department of human resources will elaborate the insurance benefits   to include new      employees.                   A                        B                                                 C                                       D
40. Mr. Sung can lend a typewriter from Ms. Wilson, because his type writer is broken.
                                      A               B                                                   C                                      D

Reading Section  
Corporate Police change
Moving expenses you can be reimbursed for your expenses of moving to a new home only if your new home is at least 50 miles way from your former home, in edition, expenses are limited to the cost of moving your household good and personal effects from your former home to your new home, Meals pre- move house hunting expenses are no longer reimbursable.

41. Who would be most affected by this notice?
            a. Hotel Chains
            b. Furniture Rental Companies
            c. real estate agents
            d. New Employees moving from another city
            e. from another city
42. Which of the following will be reimbursed?
a. Lunch for the movers
b. shipping household goods
c. gas used looking for  a house
d. Hotel expenses
e. looking for  a house

Before the falls Barlins Wall, East barlian was like the rest of East Germany – drab and depressed. Today is deferent story. They are over 40 major construction projects under way and investment in a new construction are expected to exceed $ 20 billion. Part of this boom can be attributed to the fact that the national government of Germany will move to Berlin. The city will one again be Germany’s leading city and getaway to the expanding markets in Poland. The Czech Republic, and others countries east of the German border.    
43. According to the article, what caused change in East Berlin?
            a. Expanding Markets in Poland
            b. Border changes east of Germany
            c. The completion of 40 constructions projects
            d. Collapse of the barlin Wall
            e. 40 constructions projects
44. Which is not given as a reason for increased prosperity?
            a. The Location of Berlin
            b. the destruction of Barlin wall
            c. the move of national government
            d. The drab character of East Berlin
            e. national government
45. A sum of at least $ 20 billion will be invested in
            a. moving the government
            b. new construction
            c. expanding markets
            d. border control  
            e. the government
The information highway is the road that links computer users to an affinitive number of on line services using communication technology like the telephone, cable lines, and satellite links, on the information highway a person setting in front of his or her computer can have access to news, electronic mail, publics forums and sofwer, to mention a few services. The lower prices of computer have put more computers in the home and set the stage for the information revolution, in 1994 only 4 million households used online services, but by 2000 that number should exceed  30 million. The growth potential in this market is enormous.
46.  What is this article about?
            a. The information revolution
            b. Cheaper computer
            c. Traveling by highway in the 1990s
            d. the important of news
            e. highway in the 1990s

47. What is described as enormous?
            a. The information highway
            b. The cable system
            c. The market potential
            d. The on line services
            e. The information
48. According to the article, what has put more computers in homes?
            a. Increased services
            b. Better Software
            c. Lower costs
            d. The information revolution
            e. revolution

Leading TV Advertising
Company with broadcast interest worldwide seeks a specialist in audience research. The specialist will design studies to determine consumer’s preferences and write report for use with in the company. Candidates must have college degree with courses in research. Must also have experiences in advertising. Outstanding oral, written, and computer skill are necessary. Downtown location,. Excellent benefits. 

49. What does this job involve?
            a. making TV commercials
            b. Discovering what consumer like
            c. Advertising product
            d. Testing Product
            e. consumer like
50. Who will use the reports the Specialist writes?
            a. The consumer
            b. The television station
            c. The manufacturers 
            d. The TV advertising company
            e. The TV
51. What qualifications should the candidate have?
            a. education in research and experience in advertising
            b. experience in television audiences
            c. Ability in accounting
            d. A degree in broadcasting 
            e. experience in advertising

Peru is reforming Peru is reforming its maritime transportation system. New regulations designed to reduce port costs and increase efficiency have already had encouraging results. As a result of these reforms, Peru has established itself as the gateway for exports to the booming Pacific Rim markets. These reforms have been in three areas:  labor regulations, and custom clearances.
High labor costs had sabotaged Peru’s import and export businesses. Where once 80 % of all goods had been transported by ship, ports in recent years had been moving only half of their capacity. Shipping companies had taken their business to Chilean ports where costs were a sixth what they were in Peru. Reform in this area was needed quickly. Consequently, agreements with port workers now allow shippers and receivers to make their prices. Competitive with other ports in Latin America.  The port workers benefit as well, since many have formed limit partner ships or cooperatives.
Prior to the reforms, 60 % of all exports had to be shipped on Peruvian flag carriers. That regulation has been abolished and has opened the ports to ships from around the world. This increase in traffic meant that dock procedures had had to be streamlined. Accordingly, customs regulations were made more efficient and commercial processing is accomplished more quickly.

52. Why were reforms necessary?
            a. The industry was outdated
            b. Corruption was the norm
            c. Labor regulations were being violated
            d. the shipping industry was inefficient and costly.
            e. The industry

53. What are Peruvian shippers most interested in?
            a. north America
            b. The Pacific Rim
            c. Europe
            d. Chile
            e. east
54. Prior to the reforms, at what percentage capacity did the ports operate?
            a. 20%
            c. 60%
            d. 80%
            e. 100%
55. What do Peruvian ships now do?
            a. carry all cargo
            b. carry 60% of all cargo
            c. Compete with non Peruvian ships
            d. display their flag  
            e. Peruvian ships
56. According to the report, why were dock procedures streamlined?
            a. to make them easier to read
            b. to handle increased traffic
            c. to reduce labor costs
            d. to satisfy the dock workers
            e. easier to read

From the desk of Mazola Sawarani
To           : all Employees
Sub         : Vacation
Supervisor must approve any and all vacation periods longer than one week. Approval is not automatic. If (1) your absence would create a heavy workload for your team, or  cause your team deadlines; (2) your fail to give at least one weeks advance notice; (3) there are problems with your job performance; or (4) you have had others frequent absences, your request could be denied. In that case, please contact the personnel review board.  

57. What is this memo about?
            a. Work shortage
            b. vacation time
            c. sick leave
            d. starting hours
            e. performances
58. Which of the following vacation periods requires a supervisor’s approval?
            a. One hour
            b. One day
            c. One week
            d. One month
            e. nothing
59. What might influence supervisor’s decision?
            a. you are a new employee.
            b. you are poorly paid
            c. you are team leader
            d. you often miss work
            e. poorly paid
60. If approval is not given, the employee can
            a. ask another supervisor
            b. stay at work
            c. take a deferent vacation
            d. ask the personnel Review board
            e. stay at home


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