test of finalist olimpiad

The finalist of English Olympiad 2012
1.        ……. The bones of prehistoric ma , scientists                                                  
Hope to determine what their owners ate.                                                    
a.        By studying
b.        In study of
c.        Of study
d.        Studying  
2.        ……. The Christmas shopping season begins.
a.        That is after thanks giving
b.        After thanks giving it is
c.        It is after thanks giving that
d.        It is thanks giving that
3.        Progressive farmers use several methods to prevent top soil.
a.        From running off
b.        To run off
c.        From to run off
d.        To running off
4.        The Baltimore American first tried to
Nominate Theodore Roosevelt for the presidents….
a.        When the had only twenty –eight years
b.        When he was only twenty – eight
c.        When he was age twenty –eight years
d.        At age twenty – eight years
5.        Abolitionist writer and former slave,
Frederick Douglass, was impressed with
Lincoln ……. He found him entirely free of prejudice ..
a.        Because
b.        Who
c.        Therefore
d.        Because of
6.        In elections held in 1982, an unusual
Number of well –known political figures campaigned on behalf
Of children …… who were running for office.
a.        Theirs
b.        Of them
c.        Of theirs
d.        Their
7.        Employers often require that candidates have
Not only a degree in engineering …….
a.        But two years experience
b.        Also two  years  experience
c.        But also two years experience
d.        But more two years experience
8.        Richard Nixon had been a lawyer and …..before
He entered politics.
a.        Served in the navy as an officer
b.        An officer in the navy
c.        The navy had him as an officer
d.        Did service in the navy as an office
9.        If one of the participants in a conversation
Wonders …… no real communication has taken place.
a.        What sail the other person
b.        What the other person sail
c.        What did the  other person say
d.        What was the other person saying
10.     Professional   people appreciate ……. when it is necessary to cancel an appointment.
a.        You to call them
b.        That you would call them
c.        Your calling them
d.        That you are calling them
11.     The salary of a bus driver is much higher ……..
a.        In comparison with the salary of a teacher
b.        Than a teacher
c.        Than that of a teacher
d.        To compare as a teacher
12.     The assignment for Monday is to write a ……
About your   hometown.
a.        Five- hundred – word composition
b.        Five – hundred – words  composition
c.        Five – hundreds – words composition
d.        Five –hundreds- word composition
13.     Farmers look forward to …. Every summer.
a.        Participating in the county fairs
b.        Participate in the county fairs
c.        Be participating in the county fairs
d.        Have participated in the county fairs
14.     A computer is usually chosen because of its simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance …… its capacity to store information.
a.        The same as
b.        The same
c.        As well as
d.        As well
15.     Many embarrassing situations occur …… a misunderstanding.
a.        For
b.        Of
c.        Because of
d.        Because
16.     Neptune is an extremely cold planet, and …..
a.        So does Uranus
b.        So has Uranus
c.        So is Uranus
d.        Uranus so
17.     ….. that gold was discovered at Sutter’s mill, and that the California gold rush began.
a.        Because in 1848
b.        That in 1848
c.        In 1848 that is was
d.        It was 1848
18.     Frost occurs in valleys and on low grounds ……
On adjacent bills.
a.        Them
b.        Him
c.        Its
d.        It
19.     When a body enters the earth’s atmosphere, it travels …..
a.        More frequently as
b.        As frequently than
c.        More frequently than
d.        Frequently than

20.     The algebra of sets ……  Boolean algebra.
a.        Is called
b.        Which is called
c.        Known as
d.        Called
21.     ………. Pitched his first major-league game, Joe nuxhall was only fifteen years old.
a.        Because of the
b.        He
c.        When he
d.        Surprisingly he
22.     …….the SERVAL, a large African wildcat, hunts like a dog …… like other members of the cat family.
a.        So
b.        Rather  than
c.        Instead 
d.        Rather than
23.     ……, William Shakespeare is the most widely known.
a.        With all writers in English
b.        All writers in English
c.        All of writers in English
d.        Of all writers in English
24.     The cathedral of Seville enjoys the distinction ……. The largest medieval cathedral in the world.
a.        Of being
b.        To be
c.        Being
d.        It being
25.     ……, the catfish is prized for its taste.
a.        It is ugly- looking
b.        Ugly- looking it is
c.        With ugly- looking
d.        Ugly -looking
26.     …… to develop immunity to rheumatic fever.
a.        It not being possible
b.        It is possible
c.        Not possible
d.        Is not possible
27.     The fuel used in nuclear- powered ships is usually uranium in either the metallic…….
a.        As well as the oxide from
b.        But also the Exide from    
c.        Or  the Exide from
d.        And the Exide from
28.     …… the comings of autumn, thousands of tourists follow the Blue Ridge trail to observe the brilliant autumnal foliage.
a.        As soon as
b.        With
c.        Arrived
d.        When
29.     In  a rental contract the user ….. Possession of, but not title to the goods.
a.        Obtaining
b.        With
c.        Without
d.        Obtains
30.     If the United States had not entered the Second World War, probably the 1940 unemployment rate of 14%....... still further.
a.        Would rise
b.        Would risen
c.        Would have risen
d.        Had risen
31.       A pet can act as a barometer…….
a.        It measures anxiety in a family
b.        By which anxiety in a family may be measured
c.        It measures  anxiety which in a family may  be
d.        That which measure anxiety in a family
32.     …..the formulation of explanatory laws, the first step in scientific research is the collection
And description of facts.
a.        Although science’s ultimate aim is
b.        Although science’s ultimate aim it is
c.        Although it is science’s ultimate aim
d.        Although being science’s ultimate aim
33.     The rhinoceros has rather poor sense of smell, nor…..
a.        Can it see well
b.        It well can see
c.        It can see well
d.        Well can it see
34.     ….. is the cause  of most small-business failures is virtually an economic truism.
a.        Undercapitalization
b.        Undercapitalization that
c.        Where undercapitalization
d.        That undercapitalization
35.     Were…. Millions of dollars each year replenishing eroding beaches, the coastline would be changing even more rapidly.
a.        The U.S army corps of engineers  not spending
b.        The U.S army corps of engineers not spend
c.        The U.S Army corps of engineers  does not spend
d.        Not spending the U.S army corps of engineers
36.     Nowhere …. More skewed than in auto industry.
a.        That retail trade figures
b.        Retail trade figures are
c.        Are retail trade figures
d.        Retail trade figures

37.     New York city’s central park is nearly twice as large…. Second smallest country, Monaco.
a.        As
b.        Is the
c.        As is
d.        As is the
38.     …. Test positive for antibiotics when tanker trucks arrive at a milk processing plant, truckload must be discarded.
a.        Should milk
b.        If milk
c.        If milk is
d.        Milk should
39.     Located behind…… the two lachrymal glands.
a.        Each eyelid
b.        Is each eyelid
c.        Each eyelid are
d.        Each eyelid which is
40.     Only far a short period of time …. Run at top speed.
a.        Cheetahs
b.        Do cheetahs
c.        Each cheetahs can
d.        Can
41.     It costs about thirty dollars to have a tooth…..
a.        Filling
b.        To fill
c.        Filled
d.        Fill
42.     Not until a student has mastered algebra the principles of geometry, trigonometry, and physic.
a.        He can begin to understand
b.        Can he begin to understand
c.        He begins to understand
d.          Begins to understand
43.     Although Margaret Meade had several assistants during her long investigations of Samoa the bulk of the research was bone by….. Alone.
a.        Herself
b.        She
c.        Her
d.        Hers
44.     Several of these washers and dryers are out of order and……
a.        Need to be repairing
b.        Repairing required of them
c.        Require that they be repaired
d.        Need to be repaired
45.     Would you please …… the listening comprehension script until after you have listened to the tape.
a.        Not to read
b.        Not read
c.        Don’t read
d.        Don’t  to read
46.     Having been selected to represent the association of American engineers at the international convention …
a.         The members  applauded him
b.        He gave a short acceptance speech
c.        A speech had to be given by him
d.        The members congratulated him
47.     As soon as ….. With an acid, salt, and sometimes water, is formed.   
a.        A base will react
b.        A base reacts
c.        A base is reacting
d.        The reaction of a base
48.     The internal revenue service …. Their tax forms before April 15 every year, …
a.        Makes all Americans files
b.        Makes all Americans to file
c.        Makes the filling of all Americans
d.        Makes all Americans filling
49.     To answer accurately is more important than…
a.        A quick finish
b.        To finish quickly
c.        Finishing quickly
d.        You finis quickly
50.     A telephone recording tells callers ……
a.        What time the movie start
b.        What time start the movie
c.        What time does the movie start
d.        The  movie start what time
51.     Although one of his ships succeeded in sailing all the way back to Spain through the cape of good hope, Magellan never completed the first circumvention of the would, and ….
a.        Most of his crew didn’t too
b.        Neither most of his crew did
c.        Neither most of  his crew
d.        Most of his crew didn’t also    





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