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Panitia Pelaksana
Olimpiade Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SD/SMP dan SMA Se-Madura
Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Bahasa Inggris
Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan
Periode 2011-2012
Sekretariat :Komplek PP.Miftahul Ulum Bettet Kampus Hijau UIM Pamekasan 69351 webside:uimadura.ac.id 

Tata Cara Dalam Mengerjakan Soal untuk SMA
1.      Tulislah nama,  nomer peserta anda pada lembar jawaban yang tersedia.
2.      Gunakan pensil 2 b untuk menjawab pada LJK (lembar Jawaban Komputer).
3.      Pilih salah satu jawaban diantara a, b, c, d dan e yang paling benar.
4.      Jumlah soal seluruhnya 80 soal dengan skor maksimal 80.
5.      Tidak diperkenan kan menggunakan alat bantu hitung / kalkulator, hp, dan sejenisnya.

A.                LISTENING 1
            Listening Comprehension   

Part  A
In part A you will hear short conversation between two people. After each conversation, a third person will ask question about what was said. You will hear each question about it just one time. After you heard a conversation and the question about it, read the four possible answers in your test book and decide which one is the best answer to the question you heard. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

Listen to an example
You will hear:
(Woman)         Shall I turn off the light now?
(Man)             But l haven’t finished writing this paper
(Question)       What does the man imply?
You will read: 
B.     He just finished writing his paper
C.     He is still reading a paper
D.    He wants the woman to turn off the light
E.     The woman should have the light on
You learn from the conversation that the man has not yet finished writing his paper; so the best answer to the question, “what does the man imply?” is (D) the woman should have the light on. “Therefore, the correct choice is (D)

1.        A. To indicate that he is ready to help.
B. To demonstrate that he is bothered by the question
C. To question why the student is there
D. To show that he is busy with some one else
E. To show  she is busy
2.    A. He is not sure why the students need the magazine
       B. he does need to know the age of the magazine
       C. He wants to know why the question was asked
       D. He does not know why the student needs the magazine 
       E. She does not know why the student needs
3.    A. She realizes that she has just interrupted the professor
       B. She recognizes that she has just said something incorrect.
       C. She doesn’t remember what she just said
       D. She doesn’t understand what the librarian just said.
       E. he recognize that   he librarian
4.    A.  He has a lot of free time
       B. His services are free of charge
       C. He is always eager to help
       D. He wants the Student feel relaxed
       E. She Wants students clever  
5.    A.  To show that it is not for her to ask a question
       B. To show that he knows all the answers
       C. To show that he always ask a lot of questions
       D. To show that he is happy to help her
       E. To show she is happy to help
6.    A. He can answer the question easily
       B. He know how to apply the scholarship
       C. The question is the difficult one to handle
       D. He will take care of the transcript for her
       E. She will take care of them
7.    A. It sound hard to do
       B. She can do it all herself
       C. she doesn’t thinks she can do it 
       D. That sounds too easy.
       E. He can do it easily
8.    A. To state that she can always depend on him
       B. To suggest that it is not likely that she will get what she wants
       C. To that he thinks she will be likely
       D. to imply that he will not take longer than a week  
       E. To imply that she is not take longer than a week
9.    A.  He will go to the registrar’s office in her place
       B. It is best not to waste any time 
       C. the registrar will be able to tell her about the scholarship.
       D. the registrar’s office id closing soon
       E. she will go to study
10. A. she doe not need to know what it is
       B. She does not know what it is but thinks she should
       C. She surprised that she knows what it is
       D. she thinks that none of them knows what it is
       E. He doesn’t need to be able speaks
11. A. The man will never believe her
       B. They feel trough the ice once again
       C. They didn’t go skating
       D. They went skating only one     
       E. the woman never believe
12. A. She didn’t go to Bill’s party
       B.  She does not know Bill
       C. She went to Bill’s party
       D. She did not know Bill was having party
       E. He gone to party
13. A. at the office
       B. At the man’s home
       C. Out
       D. At the woman’s place
       E. At the restaurant
14. A. are they co-worker in an office
       B. They are boss and secretary
       C. They are both students
       D. They are students and teacher
       E. we are both the students
15. A. 13
       B. 3
       C. 30
       D. 33
       E. 36
16.  A. Eat her dessert
       B. Give her dessert to the man
       C. Drinks her wine.
       D. Eat at drink in the desert
       E. bring his clothes

17. A. Buying a book
       B. Studying in the library
       C. Stealing a book
       D. Eating in the library
       E. sleeping at library
18. A. an airport
       B. A town
       C. A high way
       D. A garage
       E. A yard
19. A. She really wants to eat
       B. She is going to eat horsemeat
       C. She is so hungry she will eat at the house
       D. She is hungry because she has been walking so much
       E. He is going to restaurant
20. A. he’s worried about the man’s disapproval
       B. he wants to know why the woman is packing on him
       C. he’s worried the man means to pick on him
       D. He’s exhausted from picking up everything for the man
       E. She confuse about that man
21.  A. to her room
       B. to her hospital
       C. to a shoe store
       D. to the tennis court
       E. to his bad
22. A. He likes dancing
       B. He feels sick
       C. he wants to stay home
       D. He is going to the dance
       E. She likes to sleep  
23. A. He just took his ninth quiz
       B. He got higher score
       C. He missed the quiz
       D. He also scored 90 percent
       E. She also stupid       
24. A. She does not know what grade she got.
       B. She is not sure when final exams are
       C. She is uncertain when the school will send out grades
       D. She does not know when the mail is delivered
       E. He does not understand with that
25. A. it is close to her hearth
       B. She understands it well
       C. She memorized
       D. It is meaningful to her
       E. He is understand
26. A. attending both lectures
       B.  Attending the 6:00 lecture
       C. Attending the second lecture
       D. Attending separate lecture.
       E. Attending invitations
27. A. To bakery
       B. To laundry
       C. To clothing store
       D. To a bank
       E. To the market
28. A.  The plane has not yet landed 
       B.  They are not on time
       C. They must circle the airport to find the plane
       D. The plane will take off soon
       E. We must go to the airports

29. A. he prefer to drive rather than walk
       B. he will work after he rather than walk
       C. He shares the woman’s opinion
       D. He would rather not go to the game
       E. She would rather not to play
30.  A. She got a good grade on the exam
       B. She does not have to study as hard as the man
       C. They both need to get high grades
       D. She thought the exam was hard
       E. He thought it was hard


It has long been known that when the green pasts are exposed to light under suitable conditions of temperature and moisture, carbon dioxide is absorbable by the plant from the atmospheric co2, and oxygen is released into the air. This exchange of gases in plants is the opposite of the process that occur in reciprocation. In this plant process, which is called photosynthesis, carbohydrates are synthesized structures in thee cytoplasm of plant cells called chloroplasts. These chloroplasts contain not only two types of light trapping green chlorophyll but also a vast array of protein substances called and enzymes .in most plants, the water required by the photosynthesis process is absorbed from the soil by the roots and Tran located thought the xylem of the root and stem to the charolopil _ laden leaves. Except for the usually small percentage used in respiration, the oxygen released in the process diffuses out of the leaf into atmosphere through stomata’s. In simple terms, carbon dioxide is the fuel, and oxygen is the product of the chemical reaction. For each molecule of carbon dioxide used, one molecule of oxygen is released. Here us summary chemical equation for photosynthesis: 6C2 + 6H2o- C6H12o12o6+6o2
As a result of this process, radiant energy from the sun is stored as chemical energy, in turn; the chemical energy is used to decompose carbon dioxide and water. The products of their decomposition are recombined into a new compound, which successively build up into the more and more complex substances that comprise the plant. These organic substances, that is, the sugar, starches, and cellulose, all are long to the class of organic molecules. In other word the process of photosynthesis can be understood as an enzyme – induced chemical change from a carbon dioxide and water into the simple sugar glucose. This carbohydrate, in turn, is utilized by the plant to generate other form of energy, such as the long chains of the plant cells of polymers that comprise the cellular structure of starches or cellulose. Many intermediate steps are involved in the production of simple product or starch. At the same time, a balance of the gases is preserved in the atmosphere by the process of photosynthesis. 
31 .  Which title the best expresses the ideas in this passage?
A.  A chemical Equation
B. The process of photosynthesis
C. The parts of vascular Plants
D. The production of sugar
E.  The sugar Place
32 . Which of the following is Not true of the oxygen used in photosynthesis? 
A. Oxygen is absorbed by the roots.
B. Oxygen is the product of photosynthesis
C. Oxygen is used in respiration
D. Oxygen is released into the atmosphere through the leave 
E. Oxygen is bed
33 . Which process is the opposite of photosynthesis?
A. Decomposition
B. Systemization
C. Diffusion
D. Respiration
E. Happy
34. In photosynthesis, energy from the sun is?
A. Change to the chemical energy
B. Conducted from the xylem to the leaves of green plants
C. Not necessary to the procces
D. Released one to one for each molecule of carbon dioxide used 
E. Chemical energy
35. Beside the manufacture of food for plants, what is another benefit of photosynthesis?
A. It produces solar energy
B. It diffuses additional carbon dioxide
C. It maintained a balance of gases in the atmosphere
D. It removes harmful gases from the air.
E. It makes us know atmosphere

According to the controversial support theory, great storms or eruptions on the surface of the sun hurt stream of solar particles into space and eventually into the atmosphere of our planet, causing shifts in the weather on the earth
A typical sunspot consists of a dark central umbra, a word derived from the Latin word for shadow, which is surrounded by the lighter penumbra of light and dark treads extending out from the centre like the spokes of a wheel. Actually, the sunspots are cooler than the rest of photosphere, which may account for their apparently darker color. Typically, the temperature in a sunspot umbra is about 4000 K, whereas the temperature in a penumbra registers 5500 K, and the granules outside the spot are 6000 K.
Sunspots range in size from tiny granules to complex structures with areas stretching for billions of squares miles. About 5 percent of all sunspots are large enough so that they can be seen from Earth without instrument; consequently. Observations of sunspots have been recorded for thousands of years.
Arrangement of one to more than one hundred spots, but they tend to occur in pairs. There is also a market tendency for the two spots of pair to have opposite magnetic polarities. Furthermore, the strange of magnetic field associated with any given sunspot is closely related to the spot’s size. Sunspots have also been observed to occur in cicely, over a period eleven years, At the beginning of cycle, the storm occur between 20 and 40 degrees north and south of the equator on the sun. As the cycle continues, some of the storm move closer to the equator. As the cycle dimities, the number of sunspots decreases to the minimum and they cluster between 5 and 15 degrees north and south latitude.
Although there is no theory that completely explains the nature and function of sunspot, several models show scientists’ attempts to related the phenomenon to magnetic field lines a long the lines of longitude from the north and south poles of the sun.

36. What is the author’s main purpose in the passage?
    A. To propose a theory to explain sunspot
    B. To describe the nature of sunspots
    C. To compare the umbra and the penumbra in sunspot
    D. To argue for the existence of magnetic field in sunspot
    E.  To make  field support
37 . Solar particles are hurled into space by.
    A. Undetermined causes
    B. Disturbances of wind
    C. Small rivers on the Surface of the sun
    D. Change in the earth’s atmosphere
    E. Bring to small driver
38.  How can we describe matter from the sun that enters the Earth’s atmospheres?
     A. Very Small
     B. Very hot
     C. Very Bright
     D. Very Hard 
     E. very cool
39. What does the author mean by the statement (Actually, the sunspot are cooler than the      rest of the photophere, wich may account for their apparently darker color?)
A.    Niether sunspot  nor the photosphere is hot
B.      Sunspot in the photosphere do not have any color.
C.     The color of sunspot could be efected by their tenperature.
D.    The size of sunspot affects its tenperature
E.     The sunspot have any color

Alfred Bernhad Nobel, a swedis Inventor and philandtropist, bequeathed most of his vast fortune a trast that he designited as a fund from wicch annual prizes could be awarded to the individuals and organizations that had acheived trought invention or discovery that wich would have the greatest benefit to the humanity in a partcular year. According to the legend, Nobel’s death had been erroneously reported in newspaper, and the focus of the obituary was the fact that Nobel had invented the dynamite. He rewrote his will in 1895, thereby estableshing, with the oreginal amount  of nine million dollars, the nobel foundation as the legal owner and administering agent of the funds, and instituting the prizes that are named after him. Statutes to govern the awarding of the prizes were written, along with guidelines for operating  procedures. Five years after nobel’s death, the first five priezes, worth about forty thousand dollars each, were to be awarded.
Originally the five classification for outstanding contributions designated in nobel’s Will  included chemistry, physic, physiologi, or medicine, lliterature, and international peace. These prizes have been administired continually by the nobel foundation in stockholm since they were first awarded in 1901. in 1969, a sixth prize, for accomplishments in the field of economics and endowed by the central bank of swedan, was added. Candidates for the prizes must be nomi ated in writing by february 1 of each year by a qualified and recognized authority in each of the fields of competition.recipients in physic, chemistry,and economics are selected by the royal swedish academy, whereas recepients  in peace  are chosen by the norwegian nobel committe appointed by norway’s parliament. With the king of sweden officiating, the prizers are usually presented in stockholm on december 10,the anniversary of nobel’s death. The value,fame,and prestige of the nobel prizes have continued to grow. Today the prizes includes a medal, a diploma,and a cash award of about one million dollars.                               
40. Why were the prizes named for Alfred Bernhard Nobel?
A. He left money in his will to establish a fund for the prizes.
B. He won the first Nobel Prize for his work in philanthropy
C. He is now living in Sweden
D. He serves as chairman of thr committee to choose the reciepents of the prize 
E. he live in German
41. What does the author mean by the statement The prizes have been administrated continually by the Nobel foundation in Stockholm since they were first awarded in 1901?
A. the Nobel foundation oversees the management of the money and the distribution of the prizes
B. the Nobel foundation selects the recipients of the prize
C. the Nobel foundation solicits applications and recommendations for the prize
D. the Nobel foundation recommends new prize classification
E. the Nobel foundation have new prize
42. A Nobel Prize would NOT be given to
A. An author who wrote a novel
B. A doctor who discovered a vaccine
C. A composer who wrote a symphony
D. A diplomat who negotiated a peace settlement
E. A students write the text  
43. Why are the awards presented on December 10? 
A. It is a tribute to the king of Sweden
B. Alfred Bernhard Nobel died on that day
C. That date was established in Alfred Nobel’s will
D. The central bank of Sweden administer the trust
E. it is disturbing the king of Sweden
44. What does this passage mainly discuss?
A. Alfred Bernhard Nobel
B. The Nobel Prize
C. Greats contributions to mankind
D. Swedish philanthropy
E. Greats prize

Athen and sparta were the two most advanced greek cities of the hellenic period (750-338 b.c). both had a city-state type of gofernment,and both took slaves from the peoples they conquered. However, the differens out weigh the similarities in these two ancient civiliza tions.sparta was hostile,warlike (constantly fighting the neighboring cities),and military,while athens catered more towards the demokratic and cultural way of  life. The latter city left its mark in the fields of art, literature, philosophy, and science, while the former passed on its totalitarianism ad superrior military tradisions. The present system of a well-rounded education followed and the united states is based on the ancient athenian idea. The spartan system, on the other hand,was concerned only with military only with military  education.

45.which of the following is not true?
            (A) both cities had city-state types of government.
            (B) both cities took slaves
            (C) both cities were advanced,but in divverenst areas
            (D) both cities developed a well-rounded education
            ( E) both cities take slave
46 .which of the following was not mentioned as part of athens’ cultural heritage?
            (A) totalitarianism                  
            (B) well-rounded education
            (C) art
            (D) philosophy
            ( E) culture 
47.which of the following was borrowed from athens by the united states?
            (A) well-rounded educatiion
            ( B) military might
            ( C) totalitariasm
            ( D) Slavery
            ( E) Salary
48. It can be inferred from this reading that
            (A) Athens and sparta were freindly with aech other
            (B)  Athens was attacted by other warlike nations
            (C) Athens never fought other people
            (D) the cultural aspect of athenian culture made agreat impression on the word
            ( E) Sparta was friend

Finnish-born botanist William Nylander thuoht at the university of helsinki for a number of years and later moved to Paris, where he lived until his death at the end of the ninetheenth century, he became a promenem figure in the field of lichenology.
Botanish from all over the world send samples to his laboratory to be analized and and classified. It can be said without exaggeneration that four out five lichens bear his name.
He was the first he realize the importen of using chemmical reagents in tha taxonomy of lichens. He selected the most common reagents used by the chimists of his time. Lichelonolgists all over the world still used this reagents. Including tinctue of iodine and hypochlorite, in their laboratories. During the first half of the twentieth century, a jepanese named Arahina added only one chemical product __ P – Phenol diamines.
Nylander was also responsible for discovering that the atmosphere of big cities hindered the lichens’ devolopment and caused than to disappear. Now they are used to detect atmospherice pollution.
Nevertheless, he considered lichens to be simple plants and vehemently opposed the widely accepted modern theories that lichens are a compound species formed by two discodant elements: algae and fungi. 

49. Internationally renowned scientists sent lichen samples to Nylander because
A.    He considered them to be simple plants
B.     He used reagents to ditermine their use
C.     He analyzed and classified them
D.    He collected and preserved them
E.     She is prevent it
50. Which of the following is not true ?
   A.Nylander accepted his colleques’ theories on the composition of lichens.
   B. Eighty percent of lichens bear Nyalander’s name.
   C. Today lichens are used to detect atmospheric pollution
   D. Most botanists consider lichens to be a coumpound species
   E. nearly botanist abused bed
51. All of the vollowing are true Nylander  except
A. he was the first to use chemicalreagents in the taxonomy of lichens
B. He beleived that lichens were simple plants
C. He was an esteemed lichenologist
D. he taught botany at the university of paris
E. She was underestimating
52. According to accepted ninetheenth – century theories, which two elements form the composition of lichens?
A. iodine and chemical reagent 
B. Algae and fungi
C. hypochlorite and idione
 D. Chemical reagents and atmospheric chemicals
E. Chemical regent
53. How could William Nyalander best be discribed?
A. degenerate
B. Dominering
C. ingenious
D. anxious 
E. Delicious

In early societies money was unknown and man relied on a simple system exchange. Perhaps a good hunter had more animal skins than he could use. His neighbor, a good fisherman might have too many fish, but needed furs to protect his children from the cold. Both soon realized that to solve their problems they could exchange their surplus.
This method of exchanging is called “barter”. The word comes from the French barter. Barter was important when the needs were mostly for clothing, food, and shelter. But the system had its problems. For example, a weaver who wanted to change his cloth for a good catch of fish might not be able to find a hunter with too many deer. When labor and services became more specialized, barter no longer could function of    “payment”. A new system had to be found.

54. People barter because they ………..
 A.like a simple system
B.realized their problems
C.had a surplus and they need something
 D.had money to fulfill their needs
E. kind of simple think
55.Paragraph 3 is about…………..
            A.The fisherman who needed clothes
            B.The society that became more specialized
            C.The weaver who wanted to exchange his clothe
            D.The problem of the bartering “system”
            E. The stupid man is handsome
            In October, Markel on line acquired peptel Visual of Berlin, One of Europe’s leading educational sofwer companies. The deals calls for market ( a $ 49 million Toronto- based Company ) to pay $ 5 million up front for peptel and as much as $5 million more over the next few years, depending on the German company's performance. Peptel posted $4.2 in sales last year.

56.  if peptel performs well, what is the larger total price Market will have to pay?
            A. $4.2 Million
            B. $5 Million
            C. $10 Million 
            D. $49 Million
            E. $ 30 Million
57. Peptel is based in?
            A. Canada
            B. The United States.
            C. Great Britain
            D. Germany    
            E. Europe       
58. What field are that Companies in?
            A. Computer Sofwer  
            B. Postal services
            C. Visual Arts
            D. toy manufacturing
            E. car Serves

January 5
                                                            Hi                    Lo                                            Weather
                                                            C/F                  C/F

            Amsterdam                  5/41                 3/37                                         C
            athens                          13/55               8/46                                         sh
            Bangkok                      32/90               27/80                                       sh
            Beijing                         12/53               1/34                                         pc
            Brussels                       4/39                 1/34                                         sh
            Budapest                     3/37                 0/32                                         r
            Frankfurt                     3/37                 1/34                                         r
            jakarta                          29/84               24/75                                       sh
            kuala Lumpur              31/88               24/75                                       t
            madrid                         9/48                 1/34                                         sh
            Manila                         33/91               21/70                                       pc
            Seoul                           9/48                 -2/29                                        s
            Taipel                           21/70               14/57                                       c
            Tokyo                          9/48                 -2/29                                        pc

            Weather: sunny; pc-partly; c-cloudy; sh-showers; t-thunderstorms; r-rain

59. Which two cities were cloudy in January?
            A. Amsterdam and Taipei      
            B. Beijing and Manila
            C. Athens and Tokyo
            D. Bangkok and Seoul
            E. America
60. Which City had the highest temperature?
            A. Athens
            B. Bangkok
            C. Jakarta
            D. Manila 
            E.  Sulawesi
61. Which city had the closest spread between high and low temperature?
            A. Brussels
            B. Frankfurt
            C. Seoul
            D. Tokyo
            E. German
62. Kuala Lampur had?
            A. Sun
            B. Thunderstorms
            C. Rain
            D. Showers
            E. Spring


                                    Company                                             Sales in Billion
                                    Sankyu. Inc                                         $2,890
                                    Executive jet                                       $1,450
                                    Intercom                                              $1,400
                                    Continental, Ltd.                                $1,380
                                    Hospital Supply                                  $1,370
                                    Tislak leasing                                       $1,300
                                    leber Bank                                           $1,250
                                    Euro Data                                            $1,250
                                    InterAccess                                         $1,220
                                    Televide                                              $1,200

63. What does this chart show?
            A. Selling price of companies
            B. Corporate salaries
            C. Relative Positions of successful companies
            D. Numbers of investors
            E. Number of art
64. What can be said about Sankyu Inc.?
            A. It performed better last year
            B. Its sales are almost double the next ranking company
            C. Its Sales are half as much as Tele Vide
            D. Its is earning equaled that of Executive jet.
            E. It was better next year

The Omni cable Company representatives said yesterday that John A. Kaspar, Its president and chief operating officer, would resign on April 30. The enouncement added to speculation that the world's thirds-largest cable television system could be bought within a few weeks. Mr. Kaspar, 62, said he was leaving after more than 22 years for “personal reasons.”

65. What is the company's world ranking?
            A. 3                
            B. 22
            C. 30
            D. 62
            E. 50
66. What might happen to the company?
            A. it may be bought     
            B. It may expand
            C. It may diversify
            D. it may become international
            E. it must be spoken
67. How long has Mr. Kasper worked for Omni cable?
            A. For a few weeks
            B. Since April 30
            C. Since he was 40     
            D. 62 years
            E. for ones week
68. What kind of business is Omni cable?
            A. Communications   
            B. Computer
            C. Manufacturing
            D. Service
            E.  Laptop


In sentence 69 - 80 decide witch part of speech is necessary in the sentence. Than, choose the one word or phrase that the best completes sentence. And choose the correct causative Verb In these sentences

69.  The personnel director made the applicant ……………… half an hour.
            a. wait                        
            b. waited                    
c. waiting                   
d. waits
e. was waiting
70. Mr. Wang can’t have the package ………………….until Monday
            a. deliver                    
b. will deliver             
c. delivering               
d. delivered
e. were delivering
71. Our company wants its clients ………………. With our work
            a. satisfying                
b. satisfy         
            c. satisfied                  
d. satisfaction
e. was satisfied
72. I’ll have my assistant …………….. For an appointment.
            a. called          
            b. calling                     
c. will call                   
d. call
e. is calling
73. The owner had the store ……………… for the holiday.
            a. close                       
b. closing                    
c. closed                     
d. will close
e. To closed  
74. The project was separated into……………. Parts.
a. equal                       
b. Same                      
c. match                      
d. lisable
e. correct
75.  He was…………… pleased by the result of the team effort.
 a. specially                 
b. especially                
c. specialty                 
d. Special
e. Specials 
76.  Everyone left the building ……………….the security guard.
a. except                     
b. excess                     
c. access                     
d. Accept
e. Experts
77. Airline ticket prices………………. When the cost of fuel increases.
a. ascend                    
b. grow                       
c. rise                          
d. elevate
e. life
78.  Mr. Amold can……………….. a pen from Ms.Lee.
a. lend                                    
b. Give                       
c. offer                                  
d. borrow
e. sell
79. Justice  Sandra Day O’ Connor was…………………………… to serve on the U.S.  Supreme Court.
                a. the woman who the first
                b. the first woman
                c. who the first woman
                d. the first and a woman
                The man who clever
80. To generate income, magazine publishers must decide whether to increase the subscription price or………….
                a. to sell advertising
                b. if they should sell advertising
                c. selling advertising


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